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Within a week period, UPS not only missed to deliver two of (very important) packages on time but never even bothered to hear my complaint.

I am a filmmaker. We were getting the brand new Panasonic AF-100 camera via UPS 2nd day air from B&H. I waited by the door to receive it but it never came. After 6pm, I frantically started calling UPS toll-free number because we scheduled a shoot the next day. They kept saying, "it will arrive sometime tonight but can't give you any particular time." Never came. The next day, I called again around 12 noon and then again 5pm only to be responded with, "Not sure what happened, but probably the holiday volume, we ll send a message to the local UPS office and someone will call you." Someone from local office called and said he cant take any complaint and I should call back the toll-free number about it. Another a couple of phone calls later, the package was delivered at 9pm the next day.

I thought it was a rare case. I was wrong. As I type this, there's another package sitting at local UPS facility that's supposed to have been delivered two days ago. It was shipped from Amazon on Priority Overnight. A birthday gift for my wife. When it failed to arrive the day before yesterday by 7pm, I called toll-free number again to be put on hold for 20 minutes and then ended in vain banter. Today, I called twice and they said they already fwded the message to the local office and I should expect a call, but never came.

Suffice to say, I will never again use their Utterly Poor Service.

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Maybe you should of ordered your wife's gift earlier, ***

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