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This whole thing they're doing now with handing over packages to USPS to be delivered is ridiculous. My package should have been here 3 days ago and it's still not here.

Not to mention that on their tracking it just says delivered and that somebody else signed for it, making me think that it was delivered to the wrong location at first.

They could at least say that it was handed over to USPS instead of making me jump through their customer service, straining to make out an Indian accent. I'm going to be doing a lot less ordering through them, that's for sure.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1101784

Don't blame UPS. Blame the company you ordered the product from.

They do this in order to get a lower rate by having UPS make one stop to the local post office and having the post office delivery it instead of UPS having to make separate deliveries all over town. The problem, however is that the USPS is rather slow and unreliable---as you found out. We had the exact same thing happen within the past week. Upon checking the tracking of an expected package, it showed the package being delivered on Saturday.

We knew this was erroneous as I went out to the mailbox immediately as the mailman drove away without delivering a package. I called the company I ordered the product from and they are sending out a replacement. They said it happens frequently. And, you want the government to handle your health care?

Complain to the sending company and request they replace the missing item. If they don't, then dispute the charge on your credit card and do NOT pay for something you don't owe.

You did use a credit card, did you not? I hope.

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