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My package was scheduled to arrive on Thursday, the end of the day, stayed at home all afternoon, no package, at 11 o'clock they changed the status to Friday, at the end of the day, no package came, status changed to Saturday, no time specification, stayed home all day, no package came, status changed for Monday, no time specification, I guess i should take the day off so at the end of it no package will be delivered. Obviously, there is no explanation of what's going on.

Companies should stop using ups, they are absolutely revolting and useless, if there was some competition out there, these employees would actually have to work for those paychecks. Right now they go to work and probably take naps on people's parcels. This country and its services are becoming as mediocre, disorganized, and unprofessional as they are in third world countries, there is no longer respect for the customer and quality services in response to what the customer pays for.

I am sorry to say this, but these jobs were taken over by people who came from all sorts of places of the world where they can go along with mediocrity and cheating and apply those here, as they know they cannot be fired easily.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #880324

I work for UPS, you would quit before the end of a week!

Taking naps on packages? HA!

Everyone knows someone unemployed.

Have them apply for the peak Holiday work, what you will learn will open your eyes about how rough it is!

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