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Do not ship via UPS and do not order from any company that uses UPS as its only shipper. Here is my story.

08/19/09 - I ordered merchandise on-line from a Georgia company. A real "air-head" took the order and after 3 attempts she FINALLY repeated the correct address to me with special instructions for a locked gate code for the UPS delivery driver. Estimated delivery time 3-4 days by UPS.

08/24/09 10:47 a.m. - I contacted the shipper for a tracking number - I had not thought about a tracking number until Friday evening 08/21/09 and it was too late to contact the shipper. I got the tracking number and went on-line at UPS to track the package progress.

08/24/09 11:04 a.m. - With the tracking number in hand, I went on-line to the UPS web site which showed an attempted delivery on Friday 08/21/09 -- I was at home all day on Friday and knew that no delivery had been attempted. The UPS site also showed that "A correct street number is needed for delivery, UPS is attempting to obtain this information."

08/24/09 11:10 a.m. - I contacted UPS by telephone at 1-800-742-5877 and talked with a representative named Alan. Alan told me that the delivery address that he showed was #### P*r******h GATE 513 (my correct address and gate code for the driver). Some intelligence-challenged individual at UPS had apparently decided that the package should be delivered to ### N. Gatestone; a street number that does not exist on Gatestone and to which delivery was attempted on Friday 08/21/09. Do you see where the "Gatestone" might have come from ----- it takes quite an imagination, doesn't it? Alan, the UPS representative, sends an e-mail to the UPS depot in Houston requesting that they contact me.

08/24/09 11:30 a.m. - Tiffany at the Houston UPS depot responded to Alan's e-mail and told me that the package would be delivered to me on Tuesday, 08/26/09. I verified the correct delivery address with Tiffany. After I inquired as to the approximate delivery time, Tiffany supplied a phone number where I would be able to obtain that information on the morning of 08/25/09.

08/25/09 9:15 a.m. - I called the the number supplied by Tiffany the previous day to obtain an estimated delivery time. No answer after about 20 rings. I hung up and called the number again. Still no answer.

08/25/09 9:20 a.m. - I called the UPS 1-800-742-5877 number and talked to Burnadette. Burnadette sent an e-mail to the Houston depot for someone there to contact me.

8/25/09 9:35 a.m. - Chloe from the local UPS depot called me. Chloe repeated the correct address information to me. HOWEVER, Chloe told me that the package was sent out for delivery to #### Lilac Mist. Chloe explained that UPS had determined that the package should be delivered to the address on Lilac Mist -- through some magic UPS-developed system of conjuring, I suppose. I WENT B-A-L-L-I-S-T-I-C! I am usually a cool, calm and collected professional person --- but this was TOO MUCH for me to bear. Chloe was apologetic and said she would send a message to the UPS office to which the driver is assigned ordering an intercept of the package and and requesting that the package be sent back to the Houston depot where she works. Chloe told me that she would call me on 08/26/09 around 10:30 a.m. with an estimated delivery time.

8/25/09 11:05 a.m. - I verified on-line that an intercept message had been sent, at 9:58 a.m. according to UPS records.

08/25/09 7:30 p.m. - I decided to check the status on-line. To my amazement, the status showed "DELIVERED" at 5:39 p.m. on 08/25/09.

08/25/09 7:40 p.m. - I called the 1-800-742-5877 UPS number. I did not get the representative's name. I apologized up-front, that I was upset about UPS's performance and demanded some information. The representative apologized and said that I, yes I, would need to contact the shipper to have the shipper place a trace on the package. Guess what, I E_X_P_L_O_D_E_D!!! Following my 2 minute rant about the poor service that I had received, the representative decided to initiate a trace immediately. She initiated the trace by transferring to to another department. Jasmine, to whom I had been transferred, told me that package had been delivered ------- D U H !!!! I had to go through the entire chain of events with yet another person. I apologized for being upset -- but this representative would have none of it -- Jasmine was very rude, basically cutting me off and hanging up after she said she would take care of starting a trace on the package.

08/25/09 8:59 p.m. - I received a call from Grier Johnson at the UPS office that had delivered the package to the Lilac Mist address earlier in the day. He apologized for the problems I had experienced. I told him the ENTIRE story, which I believe he found quite amusing --- but I was not amused. According to Grier, his office had JUST RECEIVED the intercept message --- 11 hours later. Grier said he will call me tomorrow between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. with an update after the driver and/or a supervisor go the the Lilac Mist address and ATTEMPT to retrieve the package.

The saga continues.................

I will post follow-ups in the comments section for those who are interested.

Review about: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.


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I am very pissed off my package was sent to another addresswith the same unit numberand i want it back anddelivery to right address and soon :( :(


I am very pissed off my package was sent to another addresswith the same unit numberand i want it back anddelivery to right address and soon :( :(


My package was delivered to the wrong address. I had a check that was delivered accoss the street and the people opened the package. Thank god that they were good people and delivered the check to me.



I have not kept up with this posting due to personal circumstances, but I have recently received e-mail notifications of new comments added.

As for the a**hole, Bryan (might he be a UPS employee/affiliate?), yes, I did/still do have a lot of time on my hands, and wish that I did not. Why? My job was shipped off to India and then I suffered a major heart attack. I was forced into early retirement as a result in 2008. I wish that I could still work, but not the 70-80 weeks that I was working before. Any other smart-a** comments Bryan?

For the others here, I apologize for not following up as I said that I would in my original post. I did finally receive my package from UPS after a couple of more days and several phone calls. I refuse to this day to order from any company that uses UPS and I inform them as to my reasons with a link to this posting.

Hope you all had a nice Holiday Season and that you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


@Bryan, looks like you should take your own advice, as you took the time to read and reply to his rant.I don't see why you even took the time to comment, since you have such a great life and all.

Ever thought that maybe this individual is a good human being and just doesn't want this to happen to someone else? UPS is a very bad company, they don't even drug test their drivers.

I've had personal conversations with some of the idiots that work for UPS, and I've had a driver tell me he "dances on the packages".Do you think that's okay?

I think you sir are the one who needs to get a life.


I ordered a leatherman surge for my husband for Christmas.I had been saving for quite some time, I had it engraved with my husbands name on it.

I had his intitials sewn on the case that came with it. I paid for UPS to deliver it, as I thouht that my package would get here if I paid money rather then select the free shipping option. I was very excited for it to arrive on Dec. 12, 2011.

As I was checking the tracking that day, it said that it had been delivered and that the UPS driver said he met the customer and that it was a man. First I am a female, and I was home alone. I live in a caldisac and the the address was correct on the shipping information. There is only one residence corresponding with ky address, not much room for mistake, but some how the UPS driver forgot to look at the numbers on the house he delivered my package to to see that it wasn't mine, as my address OS clearly marked.

And of course, my package ,with my husbands leathermen, is forever lost and someone other than my husband is enjoying the engraved gift that should be under our Christmas tree.

I hope UPS clears up this mess and refunds my purchase total on full including the shipping cost :p or pay for a new leathermen engraving and all and deliver it to me this time, lol.Again UPS UGGGG.


I just randomly type "ups delivers to wrong address" in google and this came up first.i realize this is several years old but just encountered my first and LAST time UPS delivery to the wrong address.

Their *** label on my box said my correct address, a residental address.

they delivered to a factory warehouse all the way across town for some unknown reason..Oh wait, they *** driver can't read i guess.


Where is the update? I would loooove to know what happened... :cry


Bryan, you probably work for UPS


This is probably certainly not going to make anyone feel better, but I have ordered using UPS many many times over the years... as well as other carriers. While I have had a few problems, the vast majority of the time the deliveries were fine. They have done a much better job than DHL (at least in my experience).

Unfortunately, no service is perfect. Even if they have only one problem in a thousand, if you're that one in a thousand, you don't really care about the other 999.

I've been insanely frustrated with mis-directed packages in the past from all the major carriers. UPS recently took a month to make a delivery after it went all over the country. Fortunately, in this case, it wasn't anything important so it was more amusing than anything... but when you expect to get something on a certain day (and pay for that)... you expect to actually get it.

I'm just pointing out that it's really not a just a UPS problem. All of these companies deliver millions of packages a day on super tight schedules.

And... just like any business... you have varying degrees of compentency (and incompentency)among employees.

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