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Needed to send my passport to Belgium and back to get Visa for my next business trip. Need it urgently back to be able to fly out on Thursday May 5th 6:50AM. I checked first with FedEx,DHL and UPS who guaranteed me a return on Wednesday May 4th. UPS Belgium explicitly did. Since the letter did not arrive on the promised hour, I started checking. Found out I was misinformed. OK, I want to leave the country and need my passport for that. Please help.

The only option was the letter arriving in Dallas (where I am working right now) before 7PM and then I could pick it up at the counter of the UPS hub. Checking again at 6PM: nothing moves.

Even after about 3 hours on the phone to try to get a solution, my document is sitting for about 12 hours in Louisville. Nothing moves.

The people at the call center are very well trained to repeat the same kind of standard answers. they are totally unable to even think solution- or customer centered. End result: I'm stuck, will have to buy a new ticket to Europe and loose a business appointment. And all that could have been prevented with a company that is service oriented. Not UPS

An absolute shame.

Unbelievably bad service.

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How much time did you have to plan this trip it sounds a little last minute. A good business would plan for problems and not but it off to the last minute but what do I know

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