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Ordered 6 items from Amazon, 5 were delivered early or ontime by either USPS or Fedex. The final item was out for delivery on the promised date but never made it here claiming my address was incorrect/

I called UPS and the local office promptly called back and apologized telling me that my address was valid( I knew that).

I live on Mian st ina small rural towm 30 miles from the UPS depot.. their truch usually drives thru town about 12:15- 12:30 PM daily like clock work.. My package was returned to the shipping depot at 12:11 PM , "incorrect address". This is certainly not the first time that a UPS driver decided he didnt want to drive the extra miles that day.UPS is the only delivery carrier that I consistently have delivery issues with...

UPS used to be a relaible company, but it seems that management isnt managing their drivers as well. MY company uses UPS almost exclusively to deliver packages under 75 lb.. This will change..

Wake OP UPS... get control of your company again and AEKDB to Mike Eskew

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