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I ordered a package Tuesday night for 3 day shipping. Now, I understand that the seller wont go to UPS until Wednesday.

But still, why am I not getting my package till the NEXT TUESDAY!? Thats 5 business days! It's really 6, I consider Saturday a business day as to most businesses now. Apparently they don't consider the day you deliver a business day, so on their tracking it shows as the "0" business day on Tuesday.

Well, unless you deliver it at 1AM it is still taking the whole day, I might not get it until tonight! The service men are always rude, ignorant trolls as well. I even called them to rush the shipping once I saw how long it would take on tracking. Hello, company, I am offering you MORE MONEY!

The fools said they could not do anything. UPS is a joke.

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well, that's 4 business days actually, not 5, and certainly not 6 lol.

thursday, friday, monday, tuesday = 4

wednesday wouldn't count. if you sent something 1 day delivery, it doesn't get to the destination later in the same day.

granted, it should get there monday, not tuesday with 3 day select. they probably just sent it ground.

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