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I ordered a package from amazon for a boyfriend's birthday that just came back from Afghanistan so this present/celebration was extra important and special. The package was suppose to deliver on May 12, 2010. I signed the back of the 1st attempt infonotice and taped it to my door. May 13 2010, I came home from work and found 2nd attempt notice on my gate with a message "cannot get in". May 14, 2010 I stayed at home to wait from 12-2.

At 2:09pm I checked the computer and the tracking said that the package was undelivered for the 3rd time and is returned to control center in chula vista, ca at 1:39pm. I was waiting at that gate? I called the 1800 and rep was in Central America replying that they will relay the message to Chula Vista to have them call me back within one hour. Within one hour they called me back (very good) and set up the appointment to 4th attempt deliver on Monday May 17, 2010. 2hours later the rep called back and I ask if I was willing to meet the driver somewhere to pick up the package. I agreed and she said she will call me back but never did. Today the 17th, I tracked my package as returned to the seller.

I called 1800 number and they were nice and apologized and relay the message to Chula Vista to call me back. They called me back and said that 4th attempt could not be processed in the computer and therefore the package was sent back to seller. I ask why didn't anyone care to call me and she replied that they probably didn't have your number and I said yes they did because they contacted me twice. She said there is nothing else we can do at this time except to refund you the shipping cost and I said that would be a good start thank you and then she hung up. Without telling me how she would issue the refund or the common courtesy of asking if she could answer further question, hung up. I called 1800 later in the day and they told me a refund is not an option because I am the receiver not the shipper and the package is already back to the shipper, there's nothing else they can do so the chula vista center misinformed you.

UPS need to train their people to get their story straight and do what they are suppose to do. I understand that sometimes work is hard and tiring after 12hrs because I work those hours. But this is San Diego with apartment complex with gates. They all know what to do. You enter the gate to find the house. You don't just leave infonotice outside the gate saying "can't get in" and "wrong address", you didn't even go inside the complex to look for the apartment. The gate was open so don't give me the excuse that you can't access the building without the code. By the way, I left the gate open thinking it was *** proof but it wasn't. People still don't know how to use their two feet to walk in.

Monetary Loss: $33.

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P.S. I tried really hard to be reasonable and understanding.

I have no problem going to the control center directly to pick up my package like I am today for a second package that still can't be delivered to me. However, the rep said we will deliver it to you again on Monday the 17th and if we have problem getting into the gate, the driver will call you.

If they couldn't do this, they should not have made this statement making me waste my time waiting today and now I have to buy the same product for a higher bid on Amazon and waste time getting it delivered again. They should of said "no sorry ma'am we can't do our job so please come pick up your package" and I would have done so.


No, the first time he wrote can't get in. The second time when the gate was open, he put wrong address.

Even though he wrote wrong address and can't get in, he somehow got the 1st attempt infonotice on my door in the same complex. And I verified that it is the same driver because the Chula Vista Control Center Rep said this was his route.


You have to get your shipping refund from the company you ordered it from, since they paid UPS, not you.

Sounds like UPS made a reasonable effort to deliver the package. If the complex is inaccessible without a code, that doesn't leave them with many options. (I really don't believe the driver walked up to an open gate and left a note saying "can't get in.")

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