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Sewing machine company is shipping me an expensive unit after a repair. Our UPS delivery is via miles of dirt roads which are greatly damaged by monsoon rains. So I want to pick the delivery up at UPS.

So I call UPS and ask if they can hold the package at their service center for a customer pickup. Here are the results of 4 calls to their no-customer no-service center:

Call #1: "We cannot and will not hold a package. The shipper must do that." I respond that I first requested the hold from the shipper, who said I would have to contact UPS. "OK. Then the only way you can do this is online with the UPS "MyChoice" service. You need to go there.

So I go to the UPS website and find the MYChoice service. Then I sign up. It gives me the option of holding a package to be delivered. Woopie! I'm excited now! I click on the hold delivery link and the web site returns me to the signup page saying "You first need to sign up for MyChoice." I try this 3 times with the same result. So I try to sign up again: the web site says I am already a member of MyChoice.

Call #2: I tell the agent I am trying to hold a package and I cannot get MYChoice to operate. "So you signed up for MyChoice to hold a package, and now you cannot do that?" Yes. "When did you sign up?" About 10 minutes ago. "Oh, you can't use MyChoice until 90 minutes after you sign up." OK. Well as a customer, it would be nice if you put that information on the web site. "I agree."

So I wait 90 minutes and try the MYChoice hold again. This time it responds, "This delivery change request cannot be processed. Please contact UPS for additional information."

Call #3: Tell UPS agent I'm getting an error with MyChoice. "Of course! There is no way for the recipient of a package to place a hold." So instead of asking this guy why the "hold delivery" link exists on his web site and telling him what all the other agents have said, I ask to speak to a supervisor."

Call #3 the Supervisor: I describe what I am trying to accomplish and what agent #3 has said. The supervisor goes into a long diatribe about how the agent is correct: only the shipper can order a hold. So then I explain that my real issue is that two other UPS agents said otherwise. I tell the supervisor that everyone is giving me different messages, and the customer (me) is very confused. The supervisor responds: "Well, technically no one can order a hold until a package delivery has been attempted. But I can request that the package be held on the day it is to be delivered." So why didn't the agent tell me you could do this for me? "Because the agents are not allowed to give out that information; only a supervisor can." Well, can I just call the local UPS center and make this request. No, we do not give out those telephone numbers." At this point I tell her I feel I am experiencing ZERO customer service and will be doing all my future shipping with FedEx.

I would love for someone to explain what I just wrote. I was actually there on the phone for these conversations"”and I cannot even begin to understand what UPS told me!

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