The ups delivery (what a joke) person has a grudge. 4 times I have made formal complaints of not getting my package.

Instead I get a note on the door. Even after filling out and signing, the next day a new note appears. The 3rd day, you get to go pick it up. This driver is union.

and they don't care. THEY DO NOT DELIVER.

this is discrimination, this is harrassment.

This is one company screaming for a class action suit. A neighbor has witnessed that same driver does not carry the package up, does not knock or ring bell, simply puts a new note on the door to replace the one he takes down and apparently throws away.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy #243733

Honestly, UPS has some lazy *** employees(driver) that they don't look into, don't even ring the door bell and took off within couple of second to make a quick route. I was home all day(took off from work) expecting the package to arrive and ended up with a packages slip on the door at the end of the day( multiple times has occurred, otherwise I would not leave such comment).

Again, poor service and bunch of lazy a-- drivers. Hopefully, in the near future every company will have more shipping couriers to choose from at check out.


if the sender requests a signature in person upon delivery then what the @#$% do you expect? discrimination?

harassment? get a life.

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