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I recently had a ridiculously complex delivery ordeal thanks to UPS. I live in England, but the only complaints info I could find online related to US deliveries, and even that was vague. I called them and finally managed to drag their UK Complaints Dept email address out of them.

The address is custsvcgben@europe.ups.com and you should address your mail to the Concerns Department. According to the customer adviser who reluctantly gave me this info, they have a 24-hour call-back policy.

This is what happened to me: I ordered something from a website which uses UPS as its courier (so I had no choice in the matter). They didn't tell me when they were going to deliver the parcel, so I missed the first delivery. I arranged a second delivery, took a whole day off work - it didn't come. They didn't leave any note on either day that they'd attempted to deliver, so I couldn't track the parcel, and they wouldn't give me any alternative options to have it delivered or collected, so it nearly got returned to the sender.

In the end, my boyfriend managed to receive my parcel by an extreme stroke of luck - he was on the bus going away from our flat, looked out of the window and happened to see a UPS delivery guy knock on the door to our building then immediately turn and go back to his van without waiting for anyone to answer the door, so my boyfriend got off the bus and ran after him. It's utterly absurd that this is how I eventually managed to get my parcel and I'm really not impressed with UPS's abysmal customer service.

If you decide to complain... good luck! I'm determined to share the UK complaints email address now with anyone and everyone who has had similar issues, as they're so evasive when it comes to getting details of their complaints procedure.

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I know why they have chosen "that" color for their vans. Incredible they're still in business.

Tracker says: delivery at end of day d/m/y You stay home all day! Next day also. NOTHING. You check tracker.

Parcel was sent back to sender upon his request. "Please contact sender." Ok. Sender doesn't know about anything !!! And that's only 1 percent of my bad experiences I had with them.

Truly American to the core though! EXCEPTIONAL


UPS are *** - knock and run 3 days in a row


UPS is horrible. Sent important docs without waterproof covering and threw them in the dirt.

Rain soaked, no knock on door. Very disgusted with them.


Ups customer service is 100% for ups. They suck *** A driver can do what he wants then lie to his boss and since he works for them they go by his story.

They hang up on you and screw you over. I wish i had the $ to help fed-ex or usps to put ups sorry *** out of buissiness.


UPS is terrible - I will never use them again-


Ī am going through the exact same problem as we speak. Day 3 of taking off work!

Had a customer care advisor refus to give me the complaints department address and they proceeded to hang up the phone on me. No missed call note left they emailed me to say they had left a return label which they didn't. As they hadn't been at all because I was in.

If it would of been my choice I would never of used this company in the first place. DISGUSTING


They sent my package to a wrong address after I tell them the correct address no return call yet. they are full bag of rubbish.


We had theatre tickets delivered by ups three days AFTER the event. They are contactable by messenger, I extracted several grovelling apologies but nothing in the way of compensation, just contractual law statements.

They are rubbish, I rarely buy online but will always ask if they use ups in future, and tell them to cancel the order. If we all did this ups might, big might, get the message.


Driver was very rude to me and felt very threaten by him . I have just lost a family member and did not need his rudeness .he was driving in Newcastle under Lyme staffs . Heading to chesterton


Thank you for this info. I experienced similar problem.

I trade online in the UK and I import my stock from Poland. I ordered 6 boxes of stock and received only 5. UPS came when I was out and left all this stock at my neighbour, which I even do not know as I just moved in. The problem is that this *** neighbour agreed to sign the delivery so I didn't have a chance to check if order is complete.

One box of stock is worth £100! UPS in Leeds told, the delivery was signed, so they are done.

I have also asked UPS in Poland and also the seller to help, but all seems unhelpful. NEVER EVER USE UPS!!!!


I to have a complaint thank you for the info I can now send in my complaint and I will wait and see what happens. Thank You


Appalling service. On the site delivery was scheduled by the end of day.

I called to find out how late they were delivering only to be told that the delivery was the next day!!!!

No one was prepared to discuss this...

Disgraceful service. Avoid this company.


This is a few years old so my comment probably won't be read by the person who posted it, but I'm very grateful for the email address. I've had a problem with my local driver literally forging my signature, and lying a out talking to my neighbours. Weird, *** unprofessional...


At least you had a knock on the door. I have been waiting for a delivery.

I heard something come through the letterbox. It was a note saying they tried to deliver but no one was home. No attempt was made to actually deliver the parcel.

By the time I got to the door they had gone. Less than a minute....unbelievable.


Thankyou I am about to complain with a similar issue.


Has anyone asked for compensation and succeed?


Thank you so much for this! I've just had a similar experience with a delivery from Holland which has now been returned to the sender because of a mess up by UPS.

I've been looking for where and how to complain and stumbled upon your post. Thank you!


You guys will not believe my experience with UPS

In November last year we had to leave our flat for emergency repairs so I was staying at a bnb temporary. My electric piano which is my pride and joy needed repair for software issues so I contacted the company KORG who use UPS as their shipping provider as my unit was still under warranty.

Bearing in mind my unit was only having software related issues. I spent over 2500 pounds to purchase this beauty. Wait it gets worse. We had a call to move back in which we did and I soon arranged for my unit to be collected.

I waited in all day and no one turned up so I contacted UPS again and complained to which they re scheduled another appointment. Again same story so I was fuming. Got hold of some one in their Southampton depot who assured me this would not happen again. Finally one day some angry short man came up and was supposed to have a waybill for me to fill out but he didn’t.

So when I tried telling him that the depot told me you were going to bring it with you he interrupted me and said I’m not going to argue with you and was so rude to me and left. My blood hit the roof so I contacted them and the next day they sent someone else who had everything with him. I specifically told him that this unit needs to be handled with much care and he assured me that he was going to put fragile sticker on it but just in case as I completely lost trust in their services I placed one on there my self. Okay .

A month goes by and no one from KORG has contacted me to tell me my unit arrived or whatever and how long it would take to sort out. So I contacted korg to find out that it didn’t arrive. Strange right? After investigation it turned out that they still have the package but like I said it gets worse.

They sent pictures of my unit to korg to determine if that was the package. Korg sent me the pictures and upon seeing them I nearly had a heart attack. I actually vomited. There were keys missing on my beautiful piano, the screen was smashed in the middle and the buttons were broken and piano was marked everywhere.

It has been sat with UPS for over a month now and not sent to KORG.

They have destroyed my piano and I will not leave them in peace. The WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD


I have worked for a few American companies. In my life , I wanted to add.

When else ? Never again.

SEP 1/2019 Trump said earlier this week that American companies are badly run. Understatement of the year.


Just wasted 8 hours of my life waiting for ups to deliver a package. I specifically arranged for it to be delivered today as previous attempts failed as I was at work.

Checked their website this morning and it stated that the package was in transit and would be delivered today. Checked again later and it stated that the delivery address was wrong or incomplete so could not deliver.

So they have attempted delivery at the same address twice but they cant do it now. My address certainly hasn't changed in the last few days.

Called them and was helpfully told I could travel several miles to their depot to collect it. Terrible service.