UPS in UK are awful. Absolutely poor in service and delivery. I had exactly the same issues twice. First in November 2014, tracker showed in transit but never turned up. Phone the customer service said it would be delivered. Never arrived. Phone the cs again, said the driver left it at the warehouse. So it couldn't be delivered today. I asked if it was the case, get the courier and bike it over hence there was still enough time for the day. UPS didn't do what they failed to do. My call was transferred to the warehouse manager and no one interested to help. Either I wait or don't take it. Complained to the email given, nothing heard.

Again yesterday, the tracker showed street name incorrect and delivery delayed, it actually had door no, town and postcode, it was more than enough to deliver the goods nowadays. Then phoned up the next day to report the issue and given the new address at 8.30 am. Was told at that time it was scheduled for the delivery the next day. Tracker showed no progress until 9.52 pm and the item didn't arrive the next day. I called c.s. 2 times during the day to check where the item was hence no progress showed on the tracker. On both occassions, i was told to wait until 7pm as the last drop for the day.

Gone passed 7pm, no sign of delivery. called c.s, said it won't be today and the delivery is next day. Because the new address should have been give before 8pm. So I said yes it was given 8.30 am, you had 11.30 hours to update it. They failed their task and refused to accept their poor service.

I then refused the delivery on the next day. And reported that will never buy again anything delivered by UPS. NEVER AGAIN!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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