My husband was having a package delivered to our home that was due on a Thursday. We contacted UPS on Friday to find out where it was. They informed us it was delivered to a company 15 miles away from us. When we informed them this was incorrect the first customer service rep would not give us the exact address of the company for us to pick up ourselves. The second customer service rep I spoke to claimed to have the hiccups and put me on hold so she could get a drink of water. I guess she had to walk to the store to buy some, because she never came back.

The next four reps I spoke to that morning VERIFIED my address so that they could have a driver pick the package back up and would contact us back in an hour. No such call. Called again that afternoon and rep said they would have someone call me back in an hour. I told them they had 15 minutes. A supervisor called back within fifteen minutes. She claimed they couldn't have a driver pick it up that day because no one contacted a driver to pick it up until after the company closed (even though I called in the morning, I guess they forgot). My husband only works a mile away from the company they delivered the package to. He went by this morning (Monday) to pick up the package and was informed that UPS had already picked the package back up Friday afternoon. Great... it was going to be delivered to us today... wrong. It was redelivered back to the company AGAIN.

I spoke to UPS yet again and they claimed that the company we ordered the package from must have double labeled the package. Okay, but I verified my address six times now, and the correct address is ON THE PACKAGE, so it needs to be brought to my home. It's sad that instead of READING the address and realizing that you're at an equipment company and not a residence, that they go soley based on a barcode. That, and after being informed it was being delivered to the wrong address MULTIPLE TIMES, they still redelivered it to back to the incorrect address.

I finally informed UPS to cancel having a driver pick the package back up, and that my husband would pick it up instead, since our experience has shown us that it would only be redelivered yet again to the wrong address.

Very frustrating and honestly in my opinion, UPS should reimburse us the shipping we paid to have our package at our home last Thursday, but I'm tired of dealing with customer service. When my husband finally picked it up (a few minutes ago) he informed me that UPS accidently put another barcode on the side of the box and was going based on that barcode instead of the original on top of the package with all the correct information including address and original tracking number. Blah. I understand mistakes, and was very understanding at first, but it got ridiculous.

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In your complaint you said "I spoke to UPS yet again and they claimed that the company we ordered the package from must have double labeled the package." How is this UPS fault????? The company you ordered package from failed to remove previous label.

It was a 50-50 shot your package was going to be delivered to your home. The company was doing their job....but I can understand your frustration.


UPS seems to be going downhill in the customer service area. FedEx seems to be still pretty good in my experience, and I ship at least twice a week with them.

The problem is that if you don't like UPS, where do you go other than FEDEX?? The US Post Office?? I don't think so. I get my neighbor's mail at least once a week or find some of mine on the ground next to the mailbox at least once a week.

As for their package delivery, forget it----damaged, lost or not delivered at all, just sort of "lost". If FEDEX goes, there's nowhere else to go, I guess.

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