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I sent a package to my son and his girlfriend to Florida from Ohio. When they received it, the box was in such terrible condition that i dont know how ups stays in business. It looked as if they kicked it around the warehouse for 3 hours. The whole side of the box was ripped open.

It also looked as if someone deliberately tore it open to see whats inside.

I do know it sat in the warehouse over the weekend which makes me wonder who's keeping an eye on these packages when they are waiting to be delivered. I shipped on tuesday from Ohio, they told me it would be arrive in Florida on friday the 18th and would be delivered on the 21st.

If i were UPS i wouldnt have had the guts to deliver the package in that condition. And oh its gets better, they said they dropped off 2 packages to their address that day, one was from me and one was from one of the people who live there, expecting their xmas gift in time for xmas, mine arrived beat up and they other is ummm MISSING. They cant say someone stole it from the porch because it was delivered directly to the homeowner. WTF is up with that. They tracked their package and it said "left on front porch along with mine" and yet there was none.

Is someone so desperate in that company that they have to steal someone elses gifts, or could it be they trashed her package too and decided to "just keep it" SHAME ON YOU UPS......WE WILL NEVER USE YOUR SERVICES AGAIN! Wish i could show everyone pics because i think people need to be aware of UPS sorry delivery service!!

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That was a used box that was in poor shape to begin with.

Then, you have the nerve to accuse ups of tearing up the box?


Christmas Eve at UPS "customer service" center. Now I think I know what UPS stands for


1. Why would UPS go out of business because YOUR box was tore up?

2. We don't know when "Tuesday" is, give us a date. 3. Your story does not make is something "from someone that lives there".

AND finally how was something delivered "directly to homeowner" if it was "left on porch". Your story sounds sketchy.

Based on your facts, I could just as much blame your son for stealing and trying to get money from UPS than I can UPS itself. OH YEAH, why would an employee with free benefits, pension, more vacation days than you will ever see, and and excellent pay waste time STLEALING your sons weak a** xmas gift!!


Unfortunately i dont know what you can do. I tried to email them with no response. What this boils down to is we will all have to buy local things we need in the store and forget about shipping anything :sigh

It's a shame that a company thats been in business this long has a looooong list of complaints. And by the way, this is only a short list of complaints, how bout all the people who don't have the internet or don't know about this site to make a complaint.

I just would like to see UPS do something to get rid of these employees who do these things. I'm not blaming the company for the damage, I'm blaming the employees it went through. Why can't they do some investigating of these complaints and put some cameras in their warehouses and in their trucks, then maybe they will take better care of our stuff :roll

God knows they make a crapload of money, so invest in some cameras, or hire some decent people!!


well said!! i am increasingly frustrated by UPS delivery, my last 6 deliveries are 2-3 days late. The driver didn't make any attempt and will put a fake entry in the tracking system" Recipient no available". My last delivery was " 2 day " and reached me after one week.

Even now when i am writing this comment, waiting for a delivery to happen , but i know it won't happen. Interestingly the system shows delivery happened at some place in IL and i live in CT date of delivery is 12/03.

Tracking Number:




UPS has delivered the shipment.

Residential deliveries that do not require a signature may be left in a safe place, out of sight and out of weather, at the driver's discretion. This could include the front porch, side door, back porch, or garage area. If you have instructed the driver to leave the shipment with a neighbor or leasing office, this would be noted on a yellow UPS InfoNotice left by the driver.


Delivered On:

12/03/2009 5:17 P.M.



Delivered To:


Shipped/Billed On:







.30 Lb

i have kept my last 6 tracking numbers, is there any place i could complain against UPS, i tried calling UPS CS without any resolution.

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