Ups Two Day Delivery Service Reviews

I called om 10/18 (Because I had to work and could not call them earlier) to transfer the package to another access point or UPS store because the current one has the same business hours as my work hours and there is no way for me to collect eh package from them (and it is literally across the street from my home, but I work far and before work they are not open yet). So the lady told me that since it did not require signature (why the ***...
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UPS UK customer contact services are appalling. UPS appear to me to have deliberately setup systems to prevent customers contacting them and registering a complaint. They appear to dictate to customers when a package will be delivered then don’t deliver on the day you check the tracing on line which says the next day they don’t come or if they come don’t leave a not to say they came this customer service is beyond belief why are companies still...
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I order a lot from amazon, and i dreads seeing ups as the shipper. NOT one item has arrived on time, I have amazon prime 2 day shipping, ordered myself a garmin watch, with my 2 day shipping. Tracking number updated daily until April 12, 2016 it showed; Dieppe, NB, Canada 04/12/2016 04:45 Departure Scan Then St. John's, NL, Canada 04/12/2016 06:20 Arrival Scan. Now Dieppe to St johns is a 8hours drive AND a 3 hour ferry ride so its impossible...
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