Fort Worth, Texas
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I was driving to work this morning and as I pulled out onto a busy street adjacent to my neighborhood there was a UPS truck in front of me, literally *barreling* down the road (driving way faster than the speed limit) and the back door of his truck was open. Packages were on the ledge/step on the back of the truck and proceeded to spill out all over the road.

I tried to flash my headlights at the driver as well as honk my horn . . but he was speeding and I couldn't catch up with him - and of course, I was trying to dodge packages in the road!! Even more packages fell out of the truck when the driver made a sharp right turn into another neighborhood.

Unbelievable!! I hope there was nothing fragile or urgent that someone is waiting for, god forbid! This is why I never use UPS any more.

Very unreliable! This incident this morning really confirmed my decision to use other carriers.

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I have also reported you for the same have fun making your fake complaints


If you don't believe me, that's your problem. I know what I saw and you can call UPS yourself to verify.

I will gladly give you the name of the person I talked to at UPS. I have reported you for being abusive.


It would appear you are the one who needs a life sitting here makeing up fake stores


This is not a fake story!!! I didn't think this warranted a 911 call - there was no life or death emergency.

I called UPS directly which I did and they did end up sending a msg to the driver AND thanked me for calling them to let them know! Get a life!!!


:cry :cry :cry here is another person who is making up storys for attention because they dont like ups also the police would have got the driver if this was true cause everyone who seen this would have called 911 get a hobby instead of making up fake storyes this takes away from the real ones on here :cry :cry :cry :cry