Laconia, New Hampshire

I came home from work, intact hour later, UPS package delivered, mailbox run over and smashed. I took pictures of the damage to Bill Peck, UPS supervisor in Laconia, NH.

He checked with the driver and looked at truck...the driver denied hitting my mailbox, although he admitted parking on the road in front of my house to deliver the package. He parked right on top of my mailbox! No acceptance of responsibility by UPS.

What happened to "the customer is always right"? I did not see this incident happen, but there was nothing else going on during that time frame other than the UPS package delivery.

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I am finally at my wits end with UPS. on August 3rd, 2018 at 3:20pm Central time, A UPS driver delivering a package to my house HIT and damaged my mailbox!

As you can see, the driver bumps the mailbox then gets out his truck, fixes the mirror, adjusts the mailbox and leaves without notice. We were home at the time. It doesn't look like much from our video since it's not the highest quality surveillance system, but when we went to get the actual mail the 'door' of the mailbox was broken off and just hanging on 'by a thread' so to speak. Also, the mailbox itself became very wobbly and unstable off the post.

So he balanced it back in place! By the time we noticed the mailbox and such on August 3rd, the UPS center was closed for the day. We tried calling anyway, but of course no answer. So we attempted to contact UPS on August 4th, a Saturday and were told we would get a callback, which we did.

We were told to email a copy of the video to him (the manager) and allow a week for them to 'investigate' and get back to us. That week came and went with no callback and no follow up. We ended up filing a police report for a hit and run for documentation and from that point, I began contacting UPS on a regular basis through Facebook and Twitter and have been getting nothing but the runaround. I have been told on multiple occasions that they escalated my complaint and I would hear something back on X date (usually 1 or 2 days depending on the rep I spoke to).

That day would come and low and behold, no call was ever made to follow up. It's been the same cycle or bull and lies with no results. The only follow up I get is when I press on through social media. Heck, they even blatantly lied on one of the messages saying that someone spoke to us - yet we never even received a call, let alone spoke to someone!

It is absolutely ridiculous that UPS is giving us such a hard time to replace property they damaged when we caught the act on video. All this for a $34 (plus tax) mailbox! We have been asking for this to get replaced since the incident happen and we're about to hit the 2-month mark of no results. I have messaged upon messages on Facebook and Twitter with all their false promises.

We just want our mailbox replaced so we can stop using the one they broke that we had to 'jimmy rig' to work properly. I'm guessing this is the normal standard because upon a little research I see UPS has a history of damaging peoples property and not fixing/replacing it. UPS even had the nerve to tell me to file a claim with my insurance company.

Why would I file a claim with MY insurance when UPS was the cause of the damage?! Here's our video evidence of the UPS driver hitting the mailbox and actually going over there and fixing the mailbox to balance on the post (no, the driver did not notify us of the damage, just hit it, tossed the package, and left - yes, the other camera caught the driver literally dropping the box on the ground, which was heavy, rather than placing it as my normal drivers would do): See all the photo evidence of the damage and chat conversations with UPS in my blog post here: