Denver, Colorado

UPS were contracted to deliver, to my front door, a desk and box of "stuff" from my daughter. Upon arrival, the driver complained that I had two steps up to my front door and he could not deliver the shipment up two steps. In fact, there was only one step of less than 7 inches. He lied right there. And it is a broad, bricked walkway and entry area. He said that he would leave the desk in the middle of our pull-through driveway in the snow. With more snow predicted to come that night. My daughter paid the extra $100 for home delivery vs. a storage locker as my husband has shoulder surgery and couldn't help move the desk. I explained that. The driver said he wasn't "allowed." The temperature was cold enough to possibly cause the wood to crack, or the glue in the joints to fail on the desk, especially the low temperatures predicted for tonight.

My daughter moved this desk herself, so it is not a humongous piece of furniture.

The driver also pointed out that we did not have a delivery dock. Gee, that is what the extra $100 was about for home delivery. How many homes have a dock? Then the driver told me I had to sign the delivery docket before he would take it off the truck and that I would have to be responsible for any possible damage.

The driver then said the desk weighed more than they expected. What the heck?? I didn't contract with UPS, I didn't ship it, I didn't put it on the truck. UPS did. But the desk somehow tricked them and weighed more.

He called his supervisor or dispatcher, Brian. Brian told me that unless I signed the document, they would take the shipment back to their hub and "dispose" of it or I could pay extra for re-delivery. I asked what "dispose" meant, and Brian said it meant they would sell it or get rid of it somehow. Essentially, Brian's tone of voice, attitude and words were rude and threatening. I was being threatened over my daughter paying $500 to ship a desk worth about $1,200 when it was new. She was trying to do the right thing by returning it to me, and these jerks were being heavy-handed.

I admit I called Brian a name, one I haven't used on a person in years. I have moved in and out of several countries, I have had construction deliveries to my house, and I am shocked at how rude and nasty I was treated over a desk.

Finally, the driver moved the desk to my front door and took all of 45 seconds to get it up that step that wasn't quite 7 inches and to my front door. Had he been gracious and done this without the harrassment, I would have tipped him immediately. He wasted my time and I am so angry at being treated poorly and the lack of customer care UPS has shown for my shipment.

The FedEx agent in our area is a real gem - positive, personal service and helpful. I often receive shipments from FedEx.

I am 5'5" and 56 years old, and I carried the desk into a bedroom of the house with a friend. The box of "stuff" I could carry by myself.

UPS was the rudest, nastiest service of any kind I have had in years.

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UPS does not charge a flat fee for home delivery. Not sure where you are coming up with that price. All of their pricing is done per weight, size of the package and destination.

As for the comments about needing a dock, no UPS driver in their right mind would say something like that.

I have to ask, are you sure this was UPS?? Nothing you have said makes me believe that this was UPS.


You seem to be confusing UPS with a moving company. They are not responsible for placing the furniture where you want it. Next time, you can hire a moving company and pay them 5 times as much if you want them to carry the stuff up stairs and into your house.

Then, the guy ends up carrying the stuff up the stairs for you, which he's not supposed to nor required to do, and you have the nerve to come on here and complain?


lets see if UPS cant move furniture, then why accept the freight in the first place, much less charge an additional 100.00 for home delivery. If he was injured there is workman's comp perhaps UPS should have been sued accepting the freight and not delivering as it was paid.


ups is not allowed to move furniture if he got injured oyu would have been sued so stop being a whiney %%%%