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UPS driver could not find my adress, even if another UPS package was delivered one week before. Then UPS decided to change the delivery adress to my old adress that is 40 miles away and I do not live there since one year.I had to go to the nearest UPS store to find out how to talk to a representative, just press ¨0¨instead of listening to all the options.

So, I ask them to return the package to my original adress and also how on earth they decided to send it to my old adress.They apologize, and tell me that the message has been sent to return it to the starting facility. To my delight I see online that they have tried to deliver AGAING to my old adress. I call again, 30 more minutes, same story apologize miss, it is fixed now. Next day I get a phone call from the facility to say that they do not have my package and that it is still in the facility close to my old adress.

Really, thanks you so much! I explain the whole thing again, and they promise to check on this and call me back. After 10 hours, no news so I call again to the 1-800 number. So,i find out that they are still planning to deliver to my old adress the next day.

After arguing with the hopeless representative, I get passed to the supervisor.I re-explain the situation, and I tell her that I want the package to be deliverd to the facility close to my current adress, as they seem to be unable to find my building.She contacts the facility that has my package, and the she gives me two options : try to deliver at home or hold at the facility. Then I say, I told you I will pass by the facility close to my current adress. Right before hanging up, this lovely lady tells me that indeed the facility that is holding my package is the one close to my older adress, when i complain that it is amazing that she has tricked me like that, that i told her the facility close to my current adress, I even gave her the adress, she tells I am sorry but the options are either you come and pick up , a total of 40 miles roundtrip, or the package goes back to the shipper. What kind of company is this??????

Is this a global service company???

OF course, no way to get direct contact numbers, everything is we will call you back, that of course never happens. I am sorry guys, but I have never faced so disguting customer service in europe!

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Useless Parcel Service. I waited in ALL DAY AND EVENING yesterday as online tracking showed 'scheduled delivery 18/11/2013' and 'in transit - on time'.

I had also asked for emails in the event of any delays. Today it shows a 'rescheduled' delivery, and an 'on vehicle, out for delivery'. Nice of them to let me know TODAY that it wasn't coming yesterday.

Rubbish communication and a real waste of my time. Believe it when you see it, and not a second before.

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