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I was at the bank today patiently waiting my turn to back out. I let a few other people go and then a UPS truck pulled in and stopped right behind me.

I verbally ask the driver to move in a respectful manner and he didn't say anything. When I suggested that I call UPS and inform them how inconsiderate the driver in truck with the following plate sequence: GCA 846 was, he informed me that UPS had trained him to operate in this manner. I called UPS and they wanted to set me up for a call back. Seeing how I work in a call center I realized that she would only be setting me up to speak with an ETEAM or an Escalation team, for upset customers.

I declined and decided to post my complaint here when I came across the site. The driver was delivering to Wells Fargo on Palm Bay Rd, Palm Bay Florida and was about 5'11 - 6'1 with blonde hair and a stocky build.

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So you couldn't wait for just a few more minutes until he made his delivery. I'm sure it wouldn't have taken that long.

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