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I preordered a game through GameStop about a week ago, and since that point have been eagerly awaiting delivery.Today I received notification that the game I ordered had been packaged for delivery from their facility in Texas with next-day delivery.

However, since that point (bear in mind I received the notification at about 9am my time, and it's now a little after 8pm) the UPS tracking system has consistently told me that the package is still awaiting pickup - nevermind the fact that it has to be flown cross-country to reach me.

What exactly is the "tracking system" tracking, if not packages?I find it difficult to believe this package - which I have the tracking number of - is still sitting in a warehouse after 11 hours.


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There are two things you should know.One, all packages leave the warehouse at the same time, which can be as late as 8 or 9 PM.

Two, the tracking updates are not instantaneous.If the game doesn't arrive when it should, THEN complain, but as of now, this seems pretty typical for an on-time UPS delivery.

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