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Paid for 1-2 guaranteed shipping. Package made it from China to Louisiville, KY in less than 24 hours, the package has been sitting in Louisville, for 5 days now (3 business days so far).

I called UPS because tracking shows it left from China, went to Louisville, KY, then to Alaska, then back to Louisville, and still sitting there as I type. UPS says "probably tomorrow". So, guaranteed 1-2 possibly 3 day shipping means "whenever the *** they decide to pick the box up and load it to the next destination". Their tracking is ridiculous and their customer service agents make just as much sense as their moronic tracking system.

I really do believe at times when packages are behind, they just scan randomly for the *** of it to make it seem like the package is "active". This is also not an isolated incident by far.

At least every 4 out of 10 packages I use UPS for have these zig zag, east coast to west coast, USA to China and back in ten minutes, riduculous tracking. So fed up...

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UPS is fu-king bogus... ... alongside anyone that wastes my time.

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