I'm working on a project, fine, I've ordered parts for it. After receiving 2of 3 deliverys I was happy,today,FRIDAY to see the UPS truck (for scheduled third delivery)stopping at my house,....

than I couldn't believe my eyes,..this guy turned around and took off.

I ran to my computer and checked the online tracking data,...and tata,..yellow marked, saying, wrong house number provided by sender.

Remember I just received 2 packages by the same guy the day before (!)..

I've called the customer service, told the lady that the delivery guy just took off and asked her if she can contact him, to come to my house ( I REALLY NEEDED MY PARTS!!!)

She just made me wait and told me she has to put that change from a #837 to a #637

this way she would be able to re-schedule the delivery for MONDAY (3 DAYS LATER!!!!)

I told her again,...I need my stuff now and cant afford to take another day off,..and she again,..oh I understand...tiptiptip....I did a re-schedule for Monday. ...the guy was still in range of a mile at the time btw.

They did not call me (I've provided my cell # before)..they did not call me!

I hate people playing dumb and still smile at you!

I would love to cancel the order but nothing local available....and UPS what for is there a phone # if you dont call?

Why cant or want your delivery guy remeber after 24hours. There is not even a #837 in the street,...

I will not give them business again,...!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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