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I paid for insurance to cover possible damages and losses for a shipment. After numerous phone calls and emails the claim for loss on a package that was broken open and parts were missing was determined to be my fault.

Some agent who I would bet has never even put a piece of tape on a box much less had to package something so people who could tear up a anvil with a rubber hammer couldn't damage made this determination. Never mind that the package took a much longer route than it should have. This is not the first time I have had such a response from UPS.

This is their typical response. I certainly would like to see someone start a class action suit to stop such practices.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I spend my summers living in a different state than where I live the rest of the year. I made the mistake of letting my Dad choose UPS to ship a bass trombone to me for the summer so I could practice.

The trombone itself was packed inside it's hard case which was packed in a box with peanuts. I inspected the trombone before it was sent, and it was in perfect condition. Somehow, during shipment the box received such a bad hit that the bell of the instrument was crushed through the box, packing material, AND hard case. An extremely rude UPS worker took my trombone away to have it inspected.

They have had it for WAY too long and it is very doubtful that i am going to be receiving any insurance even though it was insured for $2500.

My dad sent it through his company which has a preferred shipper number. If that is how they treat their preferred shippers, I never want to ship with them again.


UPS will take your fee for insurance. The insurance company is owned by them and the 'inspectors' work for them.

They unilaterally deny payment of claims as per the internal memorandum (circulating on the internet) by their CEO. They are a "siloed" (as opposed to integrated) company, one dept.

is completely unaware of another dept's. actions - thus the endless runaround designed to wear you out.


@Hugo M

What do yo mean by "delivered, but did not reach its recipient"? Was it left on a porch or something without a signature? Because they don't deny those claims unless they suspect the recipient of fraud. (If this kind of scenario has happened before with this person.)

Mr Huntley-

You can take them to small claims court, it's worth a shot and often times they just pay the claim(depending on the value) once you actually file the suit. However, like I said below, if you declined additional packaging or ignored any warning about "insufficient" packaging, don't waste your time. And though I'm not a UPS employee, I do this stuff for a living and have done it for a long time. If you have any questions or wish to give me some more details on the packaging/contents, I'll be happy to help. I promise I will give you an honest expert's opinion.


I have spoken to a lawyer who recommended that I sue UPS in small claims court because according to him if insurance is paid for this constitutes a contract that must be paid if damage is incurred. I also have since talked to a former employee of UPS who agreed that this is common procedure for them.


We have a small business and had been using UPS for about six months, with monthly shipping expenses of about $10K.

We always insure our shipments, we thought we were "protected" by doing so...

In mid April UPS lost a package, according to their system the package was delivered but it did not reach its recipient.

They asked for as many documents as you can imagine, one by one and with two weeks between requests. Even though we suspected this was a stalling technique we sent to them everything they asked for. Finally and after more than two months they decided our claim was denied. When I ask why they tell me is another department and they do not have the information, it is simply denied.

I asked them to provide notice of the denial in writing and they refused, they can only tell you over the phone.

Bottom line: I paid insurance over the package, they lost it and denied payment with no explanation!

I am currently looking into the best option to sue UPS over this. No matter if it costs me more than the lost box, this is a text book case of consumer fraud!


Just because you purchase insurance, doesn't mean the items you sent are insurable against damage. (They are always covered for loss.) I can't put a porcelain vase in a big box with no padding around it and expect to be paid when it breaks.

It's the same reason your insurance company won't pay a claim on your vehicle if you've done alterations to your car that make it illegal to drive on the street.

If you took it to a retail store counter to ship it, (ups store, staples, mom & pop shipping store, etc) I'd take it up with them.

As long as you didn't decline any additional packaging that may have been offered, and the insurance process wasn't explained to you,(even though it is somewhat common sense) you have a sorta legit gripe. If on the other hand you shipped it at an actual UPS hub, well then, forget about it and move on.