After paying them for 2nd day air, UPS shipped my time sensitive material in seven days. Upon my bringing this fact to their attention, I received the response that, in the future, I could track my parcel on line and they were "sorry."

Firstly, why would ANYONE pay extra for an expedited shipping process if they didn't need the materials quickly? Secondly, why does a monster mega corporation like UPS not have protocol for reimbursement when these types of shipments are delayed? At the bare minimum, give me the difference between what I paid for the "expedited service" and the base rate.

Attention to detail = F

Customer Service = F-

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these assh0l3s didn't bring my package on time. it was supposed to be delivered on the 18th and now i have to wait until monday the 22th to call them and to get a fuc**** postcard in order to get my package redelivered.... F U ups!!!

Winterset, Iowa, United States #116319

My post was supposed to read "does reimburse for packages NOT delivered on time".......oops

Winterset, Iowa, United States #116307

UPS does reimburse for packages delivered on time, if it was their fault. I would be interested in knowing if you are counting the weekends or maybe holidays in your count.

I ship with all services and all services count business days, which do not include weekends and most federal holidays. Also, you can't count the day you sent the package, which is something that a lot of people do.

And just a point of order, the USPS "mails" package.......UPS and FEDEX don't.


Seven days? Im feeling your pain.

My package went into "out for delivery" status on 2/10/2010.

Today is 2/17/2010 and not only did one package fail to be delivered but there is a second package mailed through UPS scheduled for 2/16/2010 delivery that has not arrived to its destination as of 5:53pm 2/17/2010. I'm very angry!

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