My school ordered $35000 in books for the new school year. We were charged $1500 for shipping for these books.

Time is passing and we are not receiving our packages included tables, chairs and other orders from different companies. We call to see what has happened with these orders. UPS decided to not deliver these orders because there were too many steps. Constant phone calls back and forth and no resolution.

UPS ends up sending our materials back to the company we purchased them from because they are too lazy to do their jobs. It is ridiculous. These books and supplies are needed for the start of the year. We are now risking the start of the year.

Oh, did I mention, they subcontracted it out after they did not want to deliver it? Then those subcontractors, subcontracted it out because they did not want to deliver it either. We are talking about 8 steps to get into the building.

There should be a boycott on this company. What a joke.

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