paid $30 for "overnight delivery". tracking says it was out for delivery aboard their truck 7:15 am the next day. however as of 6pm my package hasnt been delivered. their customer service people arent helpful either. they just repeat whats on the tracking website.

since the only competition is fedex we have a duopoly which controls the market and the taxpayer gets to subsidize the us postal service to boot. at least the electric company has some regulation....

very disappointing "customer service".

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The 800 number is domestic. Always ALWAYS report your local to them so that the union heads can find out how trashy your local is and clean house. :grin Otherwise, service will never improve.

The fact is except for 'acts of God' UPS has a guarantee service for packages. If you do not fall under the previous category then you are entitled to your money back.

UPS calls centers are staffed in the states and they can help file your GSR. 800.742.5877


Don't waste time with the 800 number. It goes to India. Call your local branch and you will get action fast.

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