I have never used UPS to ship or receive anything in the past. I assumed that they would be professional in their service.

I was not home at the time of delivery and received one of their post it notes. There was an unexplained charge on the bill. I tried to arrange so I could pick up the package. After becoming disgusted with their web site, tried to navigate it for 20 mins, I tried Live Chat.

I was notified that I was the 13th person and my wait would be about 5 minutes. I then tried to call customer service. Another irritating experience that took 4 minutes of my life that I will never get back, only to find out I could not schedule a time to pick up MY package until the following Monday. Nothing about this company has been easy to deal with.

I have never been so frustrated with a web site or attitude of a company as portrayed through their attempts at multimedia "Customer Service". I will try never to use them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada #587795

Those charges are Customs and Brokerage, they are charged by the government and paid for by UPS in order to bring your package to you faster. You need to pay these charges in order to retrieve your package.

You don't need a time to pick up, just go down to the holding location and pick it up at your convenience.

This time of year, a 4-5 minute delay on the phones are impressively good. I can only assume you were intending to compliment UPS on having accessible customer support during the holiday shipping season.

Naples, Florida, United States #582373

Where did the package come from? If it came from outside Canada, then you are being charged a fee for clearing your package through customs.

UPS has a whole page on it's website that explains customs fees and clearance fees. It is your responsibility to understand the fees your government charges for importing.

Dallas, Texas, United States #582314

How rude of them not to have a Live Chat person available just for YOU !

Even Ruder that they did not have dedicated line with a person twiddling their thumbs so when you called you could be waited on NOW !

Inexcusable that they are closed Sat and Sunday and you have to wait until Monday like everyone else !

Ummm...... the world does not revolve around you, sorry you have such a pitiful existence that you have to complain about such trivial things !

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