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UPS TELLS ME THEY CAN redeliver package because they are so automated they have delivery personnal that dont take 2 seconds to read any message on your door. The guy in my neighborhood I see come by atleast once a day and he is so fast he doesnt ring a door bell or anything.

runs to front door DROPS package and runs back to truck as fast as he can and *** like he is on bonus for the quantity of packages he delivers not how good he does it . UPS is all about quantity and not quality. Nice clean trucks and speedy delivery but you better be there and have a window to look out all day when he drops it off because HE isnt going to do anything to let you know your $500.00 package is sitting out in front of your door. and he wont /doesn't have time to read any special delivery instructions.

And if you call their customer service #, they cant get in touch with their delivery drivers either. They just lie and say they will delay or rescedule delivery and instead put it there warehouse 30 miles away and say come get it before such and such dates and then add it was YOU that requested it this way.And I wouldnt have known they put in their warehouse if I wouldnt have checked they delivery status online after waiting 2 days after the date they said they would have it at my front door. UPS is just too automated to know or give a da-- what they are doing . their customer service lines are all call out.

No call ins. You cant call into them they can only call you and tell you all the lies they want. Just too automated. Lies and lousy customer service dont cut it.

I don't care how big a gorilla they think they are. Just a bunch of union white trash running this company.

They need to hire more minorities to keep them straight and in line.Yup I am a white guy. I know how my race gets when it gets too powerful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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