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I recently sent a package to my aunt via UPS containing irreplaceable childhood vacation pictures in a handmade scrapbook along with several other miscellaneous items. I checked the status of the package on the date it was set to be delivered and the update online said that the package was missed at the terminal. The following day when I looked online it said the package was rejected by the recipient. I contacted my aunt and she confirmed that she did not reject the package. I then called UPS and was told that the package had been damaged and it was being returned to me. I asked it I could intercept and have it sent on even if the package had been damaged because most of the items were wrapped individually in plastic, so they should be fine. I was instructed to call the damaged items department and I was then informed that the entire package had been discarded.

They said that one of the items in the package leaked and all the items in the package were destroyed. There is no way all the items would have been damaged beyond repair since they were clothes and pictures and plastic wrapped.

I was given a claim form to fill out, which I did and the total of the items in the package totaled just under $ 500 which did not include the irreplaceable pictures that were lost. I received a call from UPS and was told that since I did not purchase the optional insurance, they would only be able to pay my claim up to $ 100.

I understand that I did not purchase the insurance, but find it hard to believe that there policy is to discard personal property without the courtesy of a phone call. The terminal was very close to my aunts’ house and she would have been more than willing to pick the package up, but again, I was not given the option.

Please help me!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Whenever a liquid leaks onto a package and the contents are soaked it is handled as a hazardous materials package and everything is discarded. I apologize about your lost items.