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For some reason a package we have been waiting for has not been delivered to us but we received notice that they tried to deliver on 3 occasions (we have not heard times or dates though). We called in and they said that they would deliver it to us the next day so someone juggled their schedule around and stayed home for that block of time and of course their wait was in vain..

Now, someone else needs to juggle their schedule to wait for this delivery again..?? We all have jobs - where we actually get things done properly.

What kind of service is that!?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Is ups supposed to wait till you are home? you ordered this *** online time go to the store and then you can have it when you pay for the junk..


What you are experiencing is the norm when I purchase something that is shipped UPS. To bad I work full time, have no neighbors or relatives available to accept delivery, and am not allowed to accept them at work. The nearest UPS pickup point is nowhere near me. So, after lengthy discussions with UPS, I joined their "prime service". All it garnered me was multiple notices changing the shipping date of items sometimes twice in one day.

Until sellers allow customers to actually choose the shipping method, I am afraid this nonsense will continue.

It is certainly restricting my online ordering.

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