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UPS has stolen another package. My property was scanned 4 times the at the warehouse the last being out for delivery so it went onto a truck. There the trail stops as far a public knowledge goes. They are not talking.

I have gotten enough conflicting information and lies to know they know what happened to the package and are not saying.

I also learned that packages with "missing" labels are sent to a warehouse and after being held for a period of time are sold in a sealed container sale bid type sale. To UPS employees and friends? They won't talk about it.

They are ALL liars and crooks do not deal with UPS.

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Long Beach, California, United States #799089

yup...never knew they stole until my package was sliced open and not repackaged


carl, the black helicopters are circling overhead, again.

run, carl, run


I know that sometimes police retired, street gangs, disgruntled veterans, even active service members and or their relatives are quite willing and do steal liberally from delivery services when they know they have enough for extortion, blackmail, and etc. US Postal Service is the way to go. Postal workers usually value their jobs for what the job is, rather than what they get paid.


Sounds like a pre-loader or driver from the Sacremento ups hub is stealing pkgs from your area. It seems logical that it would be the same person and there is only a handfull of people who would be able to target the same area from a hub...A pre-loader or driver...Call that ups hub in Sacremento and talk to the center manager. Loss prevention can catch this thief!


Two packages sent to a Sacramento address (residence) - one arrived OK - the other was tampered with prior to receipt by my Daughter at 9:45 Pm Thursday evening...this was delivered by a sub contractor using a Ryder truck - not the standard UPS brown truck.

The loss is small BUT this is the second time in the last three months.

Looks like I need to go back to US mail.Has anyone else had a Sacramento moment?


My sister sent a small gift and 4 envelopes with cash overnight yesterday from NYC.I received the box this afternoon and it had been opened.

The small gift was inside, however the envelopes with cash are gone and UPS says there is nothing they can do about it.

$100 to overnight package, Kids Christmas $$ stolen all while in UPS custody.And all they can say now is "there is nothing we can do about it" It is same day and they are doing absolutely nothing!!


Gave package with prepaid

label to UPS driver on

11/7/11. It never got scanned,

never arrived, UPS refused to

even call the outgoing depot to look for it,

nor would they put

a trace on it, as it was not in

their system.No help whatsoever,

out over $300.


I had a friend send me an Iphone 4 and what I got in the box was a replica phone. I have a feeling I've been robbed. My friend sent the exact same phone he has and the one I received is not it!


Well once again I shipped a package to the Alton IL area to a family member ,spent $89 to overnite package. package got there but was resealed and nothing inside package.I feel Alton has too many UPS Thiefts.!!!!the prior package was sent overnight and got there in 4 days totally corupt system


Had a high dollar bat shown scanned in California at 1:00 a.m., made it through to out for delivery at 9:54 a.m. then shown as missing at 11:07 a.m. Then they told me they were not responsible because the container I shipped in did not meet shipping standards. Only problem is that I purchased a brand new tube from Office Depot and shipped from there. Now I have to get Office Depot to file complaint because they are considered shipper. I even purchased the insurance on the item.

You can see the tracking information below.

Seems very strange to me, that they could have it for so long before relizing that there is no bat in the box.

04/04/2011 11:07 A.M. Merchandise is missing. UPS will notify the sender with additional details. / All merchandise missing, empty carton was discarded. UPS will notify the sender with details of the damage.

04/04/2011 9:54 A.M. Out For Delivery

04/04/2011 1:31 A.M. Arrival Scan

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