eight vintage Italian bicycle wheels were stolen from me by a ups employee i was having the wheels shipped from Alabama to Maryland when the box arrived it did not have wheels inside instead there were office chairs stacked together.

upon closer inspection of the box and shipping label i noticed the label had been removed from the original box and put on the box of chairs you can see the paper of the original box overlapping onto the fake parcel.

not only did ups steal my wheels but they tried to stick me with a $150 delivery charge luckily i noticed the box wasn't right and did not open it,

if i had i would have been stuck with chairs instead of wheels.,

of course all i get from ups is the "corporate run-around" never again I'll go fed-ex next time.

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You were obviously screwed by the company you ordered from.


could have been screwed by the company you ordered it from too, drivers cant just create a new label and reroute things before delivering them.

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