Cold Lake, Alberta

A few years back I shipped an expensive watch by UPS from Mailboxes Etc. The insurance was very costly.

They told me UPS never loses packages so I waived the insurance. My watch disappeared. I told a friend in the clothing business. He said they often shipped clothing to customers.

Once they forgot to buy insurance. That package was the only one that ever disappeared. After some research I concluded that the insurance is a profit center and a protection racket. If you buy insurance nobody steals your package.

If you don't, the package can disappear and nobody will do anything about it.

This increases their income from insurance. I have never used UPS since then.

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Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada #1256511

Insured or not, what difference does it make if someone's gonna take a package?

I'm with you though as far as not using UPS. Pain in the ***


I ordered a moderalty expensive watch from a company in NYC. I live it a rural part of IN where left is not an issue...the package was left (according to UPS) at my front door....

However it is no where to be found.

I can't prove it, but I know the UPS driver was involved. I will never use UPS again to ship valuables.


I had a business account with UPS for years and their insurance company was one of my biggest customers. The amount of theft was outrageous and they even suggested that we were shipping insured empty boxes to get the insurance money. I switched to Fedex and never had another loss. The product was high end jewelry.

I made the mistake yesterday of shipping a piece of jewelry to a friend in Alabama and did not insure the package. Guess what, it's lost in transit and we're out $4,000.

You're out of your mind to ship UPS.

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