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Have been tracking my ups package since the beginning, everything seemed to be going we'll. Until they left my package in front of my apartment complex at 2:30pm........

I wasn't able to get home until 9:30pm! That's a 7 hour gap of just sitting there. Now why would ups leave a package UN-attended like this? any passing person could off taken it.

Which they did, now i have to wait approximately a month until this gets resolved. thanks ups the magician for making my package disappear.

I got a few tricks myself.....

Alakazam! you lost a customer!

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The general rule-of-thumb is that the driver is familiar enough with the route to make a judgement call to leave something on a porch or doorstep. It appears that your apartment complex has never experienced package theft or UPS would leave a note and take it back to the hub.

The problem with that is, people also conplain that now their package won't be delivered to the next day or have to physically pick it up at the hub (not a UPS Store).

The ONLY way to prevent this for the package to require a signature which, again, most people do not opt to spend the extra money to do. Hope this helps.


every carrier leaves packages "lying around" as you call it. 99% of them don't get stolen.

if you are in that 1% of unlucky people, they make you whole again by reimbursing you. what more do you want?


rick weather or not they have the money is not the point. The point is that a delivery service needs to take pride in what they do and have the common sense to not leave someones package lying around.If you ordered something you really needed to have by Friday and the ups man leaves it alone allowing it it to get stolen.

then you don't have the item you needed. would you be mad that you don't have your money or that you don't have your item?


its not like you lost money. you get a refund if someone steals it. have the company you ordered it from require a signature next time if you live in a shittty neighborhood.

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