Express mail was sent to my address on June 4th. I promised by sender that it will be delivered on the next day, but today is June 7 and I have not my mail received yet. The thing it that the mail was sent from NY to NJ, the distance between sender and receiver is about 30 minutes by car. I wrote and called many times to the UPS costumer service, and they are responding like there is nothing wrong with delay. They were very rude talking with me and do not understand that if a person is sending Express Mail, it means they are want their mail ASAP.

Today I received email from UPS, which says "you will receive you mail one day before the delivery date, which means that the Express Mail that was sent on June 4 should arrive on June 9". Is it express? Terrible Company with Terrible Service!!!!!

If I miss the deadline submitting my documents, I will Sue UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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He is right. You are slamming the wrong company. It's the Post Office.


I think you mean the USPS not UPS because UPS does not have express mail

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