I think the UPS system is really bad because you guys do it three attempts and then return the package back to the sender for example my wife and I are we have full time jobs in whenever home Monday through Friday during the hours when you guys deliver so that means everybody that is sent to us has to be sent back on this one of his is home sick or we have to actually not going to work just to receive a package and God knows when what time of the day you guys deliver in all actually a given time so we don't even know when it's going to be delivered so I'm in adults a really bad system you guys have and I'm going to complain about it my phone number is 503-200-7940 I request a call back to talk about this thank you

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San Diego, California, United States #840239

Matt: UPS actually knocks on your door???? Here in San Diego they sneak up the stairs, set packages down and sneak back down.

That's when they deliver at all. Since 90% of their deliveries now require no signature, we find that a non scientific survey among about 100 friends, neighbors and co-workers have been missing two or more delivers, never to be found.


Is this an apartment you live at? Most deliveries can be delivered at the front door without a signature, otherwise call the ups center when you are at work and request the package to be held for will-call, then pick it up after work as long as it's not after 830 I believe.

Orlando, Florida, United States #835137

When would you like UPS to deliver your package? 6PM?

8PM 10PM? If they deliver your package when you are home at 6PM that means they have to deliver everyone's package at this time and people are then getting deliveries at 10PM. I know I don't want UPS knocking on my door at 10 o'clock at night.

UPS is a business therefor they work in business hours. Not sure how you'd like them to fix that.

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