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why do I pay for HOME delivery when UPS holds my pkgs. a hostage at UPS depot 20 miles away from my house???

I request NO signature on my deliveries and they won't leave pkg at the door. EVERYBODY in the neighborhood gets pkgs left at their door/gate....but not me. I called trying to figure out WHY, but all the experts at UPS CAN"T tell me why.

They just leave stickers at the gate...usualy in a place where I can't see the dang thing .......and then hold my mail at the depot and tell me to drive down and then return my mail back to sender. UPS SUCKS in a BIG WAY!!!!

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UPS sucks will not leave packages as instructed, Fed Ex & USPS do as instructed UPS for whatever reason will not leave packages even when I offer to sign a waiver to leave them in the middle of my parking lot. Request all my shipper to not use UPS

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