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Ripped open my packages I've received from UPS for the past 4 deliveries from them. I've Ordered, unusually, a lot more items recently; and undoubtedly in this backward town particularly, the workers are curious to see what's being delivered.

And, of course, if you complain to the old hag in charge of UPS here, she just brushes your complaints off!!!!

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I'm going to assume you're accusing workers of opening your packages to see what the contents are. In which case i will offer you some insight as to what really happened.

The factories in which these packages are processed in are huge, and full of conveyor belts which carry the package from one spot in the building to the other to be delivered. Sometimes, a package will get destroyed on one of these belts... i.e getting caught or jammed and tearing the outside.

When this happens..

it is brought down to a section in the building to make a new box so the package can once again go on it's merry way to the customers house... and not show up hideous looking.

Sometimes it is noticable, because the people making the new boxes and stuffing the contents back in are human... hope this helps.

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