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I've had many late Deliveries from UPS & I hate them they can not seem to Deliver Package's in the Early mornings They Deliver Packages Late in the Afternoon Making you wait on them all Day wasting your time

How is it that I always get Packages Delivered By USPS & FED-EX early in the mornings & UPS can't deliver it takes them all *** day to deliver packages & I'm sure USPS & FED-EX are busy but they get the job done without wasting your time.


Lacks Delivery Time

Lacks Friendliness

Never has Delivered to me on time

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Having to wait for a package in till 8:50 at night, sucks. Come knocking on my door waking up my kids. what a bunch of a-holes.


Do you think your special? The reason why you get your packages early from USPS and FEDEX is because of how the route is set up. You aren't the only one in the world waiting for your package.


I have a different complaint with UPS but agreed they have no clue with customer service. We belong to some wine clubs.

They always deliver between 10:30 and 2 when I am not home and then when I ask for a late delivery they can't accomodate me. We have to sign for it and a neighbor can't has to be us. What happened to customer service.

The funny thing is when they are delivering a package that doesn't require a signature they always come very late in the day. My wine club shipments thanks for the understanding of the wineries have changed delivery services from USP.

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