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Every time I order something from, they use UPS. I like Amazon because I get free shipping, but I guess that comes at a price.

I do live in an apartment complex so the physical address is different from the mailing one which makes it hard for me to have pizza delivered or for people to come over because GPS doesn't recognize one or the other sometimes. When the delivery man from UPS showed up late the first time, I took my location into account and didn't mind. When I would track my package I would find that the date of delivery would always change because they would say that there was no address on the package. Then I noticed that he stared to come every time around 8 or 9pm.

I mostly work nights so if I'm not home, they just leave a sticker on your door. Once I ever say the UPS delivery truck outside the apartment gate, but he just drove away because he couldn't get in. My apartment has a strick policy so the only way to get in the gate is if you have a key card. You have to call the front office to get in the gate, but no one is in after 6pm.

One delivery man said he knocked on the door but no one answered. Another time, he banged on the door really hard which was not appropriate because at 9 o'clock at night, in an apartment, you are scared to open the door. My mom used to work for FedEx so I know that there are a lot of packages to deliver, but why do they take so long.

I finally decided to order something and try FedEx, they deliver on time and early, but they do just leave things at the door so that is bothersome when you think about theft. Overall, I love shopping online, but hate UPS

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AGREED! My UPS leaves my packages behind a column, which can get stolen if someone sees it.

They suck so much, they're SLOW, has LAZY DRIVERS, and they just overall suck. I wish more companies used FedEx, they always deliver early, on time, and just overall better.

I hate UPS and I wished they closed down, not USPS. :(


Yep, I agree! UPS sucks and no they cannot follow instructions.

I don't do business with companies that cannot ship USPS. I own a business, use mostly Priority Mail, and have had absolutely NO complaints regarding my shipping policies. I don't use UPS because I was, at one time, an Avon rep. I NEVER got a box that wasn't damaged.

UPS never made anything right. Nope! UPS sucks. I have used FedEx in the past, they leave stuff at our local post office.

We live in a rural area and UPS doesn't even make an effort to get anything right.

They want us to drive 50 miles to their 'shipping port' to pick up our packages. I don't do business with UPS, and I don't do business with businesses that use them exclusively.