They always screw up my orders, they never come when they are supposed to, and they charge SO MUCH MORE than USPS, for a completely inferior job. When I order something, I demand that they do not ship it UPS , or I order from someone else.

Anyway, my work placed an order for my business cards.

They were supposed to be here 5 days ago, we track the package, and it was in my state, 1/2 hour away, six days ago, and then instead of going out for delivery the sorter shipped it back to where it came from. I explain, "I need these business cards, I am printing out my email address to give people my info. Can you please overnight them?" They casn't, the package has been sorted and there's too many packages to do that...

The only company that ever screws up my delivery is UPS, and they do it predictably. God I hate this company...

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