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UPS is piece os s**t. they did that to me twice. the first time the driver didn't even ring my door bells! I was at home the whole day then when I finally got out of the house, I found a notice said that the driver was at my door like 10 mins ago. I called their service, and they told me to pick up my package like 30 miles away! I am just a student that does not have a car, so I ended up canceled my order. Btw, those people in the phone are mean too, and they do not care. now I dare not to shop online just because I am not sure if those online stores are going to ship me the package with UPS, and I don't have time for the nightmare.

and forget about the "mychoice" thing too, the web didn't even let me sign up, maybe they want me to pay 40 bucks for a month for it.

and don't complain on their facebook page neither, they will delete your post and track down your account to let you get through some "security checks". ( this may sounds crazy, but my facebook account did get checked the day after I posted on their wall)

anyway, avoid at all cost, at least that's what I am going to do.

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Urmom, my facebook account got checked the day after I posted on their wall, do u think that is a coincident? I don't think so; I think they are just playing dirty, and that's scary.
and I don't appreciated the kitchen thing, sounds like you never been in a kitchen before?

because your mama cooks everything for you?little boy. :grin

I worked for ups for 25yrs there managers are the most dishonest people in the world If a package get left behind the sheet it as need directions the package never left the building.


Scary??? Maybe you should just stay in your kitchen.

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