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Same issue as multiple customers over here.Had a delivery of a small box from a place about 150miles away.

It was shipped yesterday 12/3 with a "GUARANTEED" delivery by end of day today 12/4. But after 5pm today, the tracking status says "Delivery delayed" with the same lame excuse of package not unloaded from trailer. Is anyone even putting their hours at UPS? How come so many trailers remain unloaded despite having guaranteed delivery dates of today?

If I had known UPS will take 3 days to deliver my package from just about 150 miles away, I'd have gladly driven and picked up my package myself.2 hours of driving would have been worth it than pay these non-performing folks!!

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Any time you get a chance, request FedEx or USPS for deliveries. I've never had a problem with their service. UPS has problems year round but they really get bad in December...they just can't handle the extra packages.


NOW, I'm seriously p***ed.I have the same update to my tracking as Friday: "Out for Delivery" and since I signed up for My Choice, I also got an email update stating that I should have my package delivered anytime between 12:15-4:15pm, I was at home, waiting all day to catch a glimpse of the brown truck so I can chase it down if required to get my package BUT no luck so far and it's after 4:15pm.

So, I call customer service and figure out how to get to talk to a real person. And I'm placed in a ***... so far so good... I wait and wait and wait for 10 minutes and then there's some noise like someone just came on my line....

I get ready to say Hello and introduce myself and my line goes dead!!! I have just been ***** by UPS. Then unwilling to let this go, I try Live chat. The person assigned to me doesn't even respond for well over 5 mins of my venting out my concern.

Later, she writes how she was "looking up" my tracking info. FOR 5 MINUTES?? Really?? Every line of my chat takes her a minimum of 2-3 mins to respond to...

I am officially giving up on UPS.

I will place another order of the item I'm expecting and request it to be shipped by ANY OTHER shipper but UPS.This is one ****ed up shipper.

New York, New York, United States #913011

Hello, I'm a reporter with the New York Times. Can the author of this thread and the commenters who have experienced similar issues please contact me at Thank you.

Los Angeles, California, United States #912118

i got 2 exception delays.Package was supposed to arrive Dec.


i get this message on Dec. 4: We've left the package in our facility. This may cause at least one business day delay. / Delivery will be rescheduled.

i get this message on Dec. 5: Delivery will be delayed by one business day.

UPS sucks. I thought they invested hundreds of millions of dollars since last year.

There was a storm last year too.

It is bright and sunny in Los Angeles, CA.

The fact of the matter is UPS is accepting too many shipments from retailers.

PACKAGE OVERLOAD.On the other hand, I've had great experience with USPS Sunday Delivery.


I'm the OP of this post.Wanted to update on my UPS status.

It's past 9pm and my tracking status still says "Out for delivery". Really??? This is the same status that was last updated at 2.15 A.M today!!! I have completely lost all hope of receiving my package anytime soon, esp.

with the start of the weekend..

I regret having bought this item and deciding to get it shipped VIA UPS.NEVER AGAIN!!!!

to OP Los Angeles, California, United States #912123

actually if UPS would deliver ALL packages (including ground) on saturday and sunday like USPS, there wouldn't be delays.

only problem is $$$ and overtime.

How is USPS doing it? Saturday and Sunday delivery?

Corona, California, United States #911436

I got the same exact message. Was suppose to receive it today, but last night at 10pm they changed the status. wtf?

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #911216

Same thing just happened to me at 8 PM the package I'm supposed to get tomorrow is now delayed."We have not yet unloaded the package from the trailer.

This may delay delivery./ Delivery will be rescheduled."


Sequim, Washington, United States #911196

Yeah it's what I'd like to know too.What is up with UPS this week with "unloaded trailers"?!!

If it's like this now, I shudder to think what it will be like as it's get closer to Christmas.I don't remember this many delays this early in December last year.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #912119

I thought UPS hiring 95,000 this holiday season.

Apparently it is not working.

A.) new hires need better training; i've read about misloads from newbies that cost time and money

B.) use more automation

C.) give shipments to USPS

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