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I PAID for my package to be DELIVERED on Thursday as I took the day off to get it (Knowing that my driver never knocks on my door, just puts the package down and walks off, I watched him while my blinds were open one day, lazy ***). Today, Friday, I am going to PICK IT UP 30 minutes away from my home.

The company shipping my package wrote BLDG instead of APT. So when they get to my complex they don't drop it of bc its an apartment building, not a building. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!?? So I call and they tell me I can pick it up that night.

Thats fine with me I guess. Then the UPS location for pick up calls me and tells me I CAN NOT pick it up till the following day. -_- Ok then can I have it delivered like it was supposed to be in the first place? "Yes ma'am, but they can just leave it on your door step and you can get it when you get home from work." I asked her if she would leave expensive items just sitting out on her front porch for the taking in Houston.

"No." She tells me "Someone may or may not call you to confirm that the package is being delivered tomorrow but I assure you it will go to the corrected address." This morning I look up tracking and it still says for PICK UP so I call, and confirm, the *** lady never changed it to delivery. So now I am trekking 30 minutes away from home and work to go pick up a package that I PAID to have delivered to my house. So UPS pretty much just sucks at life. A company whose sole purpose in the world is to deliver packages, can not DELIVER PACKAGES (without causing a ridiculous fiasco)!

Never again UPS! Bye Felicia!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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UPS does indeed suck. They also make employees work on Sundays, including holiday weekends.