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I would like to express how much I HATE UPS and cant even stand seeing the brown trucks driving around town! I purhase things online frequently and have had several large checks mailed to me from my job.

I seem to only have a problem receiving things when its sent through UPS.

I know its the driver and i have made several complaints that are followed up by a call fom a " supervisor" that basically tells me im wrong his driver wouldnt do such a thing or atleast my package wasnt left on my doorstep when they gave my package to a complete stranger! I absolutely hate UPS!!!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Moreno Valley, California, United States #575958

So once again I recieve a call from the drivers ”supervisor” so he can tell me the driver will be leaving any packages at the leasing office to avoid any confrontations even though today is the first day I have spoken to the driver! I was told tht I was lucky because normally when there is issues they wont make any more deliveries and the customer has to pick up the packages at the UPS office.

So basically its ok for a driver to deliver a notice and tell me to go get my own packages and tell me he doesnt remember his name.....UPS you once again have failed me. Jusy an fyi the drivers last namr is moore and his awesome supervisor is kyle out of lancaster,ca

Lancaster, California, United States #575917

UPS strikes again!!!! Today the UPS driver delivered a UPS info notice at my home saying i obiviously have a problem with him and i can go get the packages myself at my leasing office.

While i was walking to the leasing office to get my packages i see him delivering packages to other homes and i ask him ” whats your name”? and he says he doesnt know! After this lovely encounter i call UPS to make a corp complaint on the driver. Then im told i can MAIL in a corp complaint like people really send complaints through the mail anymore.

You can guarantee this is one letter i will be sending. Thanks once again UPS for having horrible customer service...michtwe84

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