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I've received packages via ups and fedex for more than 18 years on a weekly basis, as I home office. I never had a problem until the first of this year, when a package (a landline phone, no less) was reported as being delivered but none of us had seen it.

UPS delivery guy came, told him that I didn't have package, we both talked about how we'd never had a problem before and so strange this one was a problem. It was a $43 phone, no less, nothing big or important or expensive. So... fast forward about 3 weeks.

I found the box, it had been put into a packing box we were saving as we are preparing to move next spring. I immediately notified OfficeMax AND UPS that the package had been found, sorry about my mistake and issues. However, in the meantime, the driver of the truck had put a block on our address, we cannot receive anything unless signed for first. Regardless of the fact we have had - LITERALLY - thousands of packages delivered here with no problem, and the ONE problem we had was our own mistake, which we 'fessed up to, they are punishing us by making us be here every single package.

In the past 2 weeks I've paid to have something shipped overnight, which didn't get to us in time because I was in the shower and couldnt' get to the door in time, or because they didn't knock loud enough to hear. From now on I will ONLY ship packages UPS that are HEAVY as *** and not needed in a hurry. Let the driver pay for his stubborness and stupidity. Everything that needs to be delivered in a rush, I will use Next Day Service via USP or FedEx, have not had troubles with either of them.

So be warned - if you ever make a lost package delivery, even if a mistake is corrected, you will have to sign for, even if it was shipped overnight and the driver can easily see it was needed in a hurry.

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THe driver has nothing to do with it. It is standard procedure by UPS loss prevention.

It is in an effort to make sure your packages are safely delivered. Keep after them and you can get it back to business as usual. Have some patience and don't hold the driver liable for what in fact was a problem you created.

UPS counts pennies dily and your claim cost them time and money. I know it sucks but that's how thar bean counters react.

Good luck and don't forget all the years of great service you mentioned.

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