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Once again UPS has screwed up an order of mine, on friday the driver "claimed" that he rang my bell at 3:55 in the afternoon, my mom was home, no sound came from my bell, my bell works perfectly, i've tested it 4x times since this happened with UPS. Even if the driver rang the bell and my mother didn't hear it (tho that didn't happen) the UPS driver didn't leave a first attempt delivery notice, which would make monday the second attempt. I have to be out of the house on monday or most of the day, my mom has doctors appointments and shopping to do, we cannot lock ourselves in our apartment to wait for some incompetent driver to decide if his $38.00 an hour job is worthy of humping 4 boxes into my building. I have attempted to have this package rerouted to my office on monday but am told by 1800 PICK UPS that that can't happen til tuesday, that's not acceptable to me, i'm paying for a service which i clearly am not receiving, this has been happining for the past 10 years with UPS. On Saturday (today) i should be breaking open 4 boxes to prepare them for mail order. Well that's not happening.

Check into USPO rates, since i don't do orders regularly with you whether i get an order in 2/3 days or 5 from the post office it's not a big thing if it's late, i've found the USPO is more reliable than it's given credit for, UPS is good for one thing, giving attitude, nothing less. Calling 1800 PICK UPS or even the Atlanta home office gets NO RESULTS, all they do is have someone contact the supervisor in NYC who in turn contacts the manager of the center who if he decides to call me and give me attitude. Here is the tracking number to see the misadventures of my box.


If it doesn't show up in my office space on monday and gets sent to my home address it'll get refused and get sent back to San Francisco. UPS needs to take this matter seriously but that's highly unlikey.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #749753

UPS has got to be the worst. I paid to have a package delivered, in two business days, and on the day of delivery, I waited all day for said delivery.

By 8:00 pm, while on the phone with a UPS rep, I was informed that an attempt was maid to deliver the package and I, (customer) was not there to receive the package. The UPS driver is a liar, He never made an attempt to deliver package and he never left a notice of his attempt.

I am now forced to pick up my package one full week from the time it was sent out and I paid to have it delivered in two days. I will never again use UPS and I recommend you do the same.


Straight from a UPS chat session...their 10:30 only means 10:30 if it gets there by that time. and as an update, UPS claims the shipment is not lost but they do not know where it is?!?!?!?!

Customer: I can see that, it has been out since before seven this morning. it was sent with a priority delivery time of 10:30 this morning

UPS: That is an apporoximate time of delivery not a guaranteed. Next day air early am is the only one that will get it there by the morning guaranteed. But I am still willing to get that message sent for you if you would like today

Customer; why do you charge extra for next day air delivery by 10:30?

UPS: I cant go into the billing details. We are just a tracking desk. billing would have to cover the things about the charges and such.

Customer: you already went into detail when you said next day air delivery by 10:30 is not a guarantee.

lol OP is an *** :grin , i dont even work for UPS and stumbled on this from google. i have to say, you are quite the crybaby :cry
to aaaasffda #624994

Stay off the internet, your depends is dripping


@dr freud, don't get involved with something that doesn't involve you. Your comments are no different than the other UPS posters on here.

Let's hope UPS doesn't sctrew up again, cause i'll be back here again, you? You'll be on here under another name, talking bs like you've been.

If you're not UPS (yeah right) why defend them, why worry about you getting tracked down.

You're making a fool of yourself. Go find something more important that doesn't concern YOU.


wild accusations aside, you haven't proven anything except for lack of cognitive skills and an utter sense of confusion. sorry, dude. never the less, i continue to be here as a shoulder for you to cry on. you can think of me as your personal guide to the internet, shipping and clear thinking.

unfortunately, your assumptions are incorrect, i'm guessing most posters here in fact don't work for ups either. as for me, i work for a competitor, but browse to see what the other guy is doing. in general, most complaints at this site, including yours, are from emotional twits, who fail to use logic, ACTUAL facts, common sense and/or critical thinking. again, when i post, it's only to help you less fortunate souls who obviously need a helping hand. you're welcome.

so let's address your latestn conflicted rant, shall we?

you never mentioned that you saw the driver parked downstairs, new info, made up info or delusion, you decide. whatever, the case there is no reason for a driver to haul 4 boxes upstairs, until verifying if someone is home. one maybe, but four? come on. and you do realize that the boxes don't just disappear, right? that driver will have to have those boxes in his way up to two more days, there is not ancentive for coming back with a loaded van, except twice as many packages the next day, duh.

btw you seem to be confused about your living circumstances, originally you state "our apartment" when referring to you and your momn you do know our is the possesive case of we, right? we, as in the two people you were discussing, you and mum. try to keep your story straight. girlfriend? pfffftt! dude, if you have to blow her up every night LsheL doesn't count as areal girlfriend.

deflection? no deflection, here. as i say, i have no dog in this fight. just some clarity for your clouded carrier, none, is ever going to drop 4 packages at the front door of a walk up tenament in new york. so cry all you like, them's is the true facts. you can't say one did such and such and anyone else is 'better' when every carrier would do the same. get it? probably not, sigh.

lastly, do you really think a letter to someone who is not my boss will bother me? more windmills my friend. feel free to waste your time. i'm sure there are black helicopters flying overhead even now. don't panic!


@sure, well you've proved that you're a UPS troll.

Fact: UPS driver was in front of my apartment, he WAS TOO LAZY to get off his *** to bring the boxes to my door, nor did he leave a first delivery note.

Fact: when you're running a business and an order should be there on a certain day it should be there, there was no snowstorm, plane delay, accident etc, simply a lazy workman.

Fact: I live alone, i have a girlfriend, my mom was there to clean up the apartment, some mom's like to do that. Mail order bride? You need to get a better job than the one you have as the UPS goon squad.

Fact: I paid for this shipment, your company didn't perform it's service. Guilty parties always try to change the subject to something else like blaming the post office & Fed Ex, which is what you're doing. Had this happened continuously with those companies, i'd be complaining about them. That's not the case here is it? You and your co- workers coming on here trashing me confirms you are UPS and are clearly losing customers and rather than improving your service you're on here harassing me. You think the USPO or Fed Ex would do this? Doubt it.

Don't worry about this, i'll be sending a link to the execs at your company about this site with your comments.


look around this site, be sure to include viewing the poor reviews given to fedex and the post office. know what you'll see there?

same whiney bi@tches (probably all your relatives) posting about some issue where in most cases it's the poster's fault. because none of you bafoons ever want to look in the mirror. are you really that hideous?

btw, i missed the comment earlier about you "being in business for 20+ years." dude, that's rich. you are old enough to have 'worked for 20+ years' and still live at home.

'nuff said...bwahahhaha. hot pockets in mom's basement and no dates must be getting to you, no wonder you were obsessing about a box coming to you.

was it a mail order bride, perhaps? best of luck, sweetie.

to sure #1054193

WOW your an ***, sond like your 14 and in high school


@wait, another UPS troll. UPS sucks, look around this site. Get to work, you'll lose your job soon.

Typical UPS service, your company needs to get some customer skills.


are you touting the post office or feedex, hard to keep up with your ramblings.

the post office wouldn't leave 4 boxes in front of your door, and neither would fedex. really, i think you're jousting at windmills here.

the only one to blame is you. and by extension of birthing you, your mom. she should have taught you the value of self responsibility and not casting blame. nut doesn't fall far from the tree it seems.


@Some1, thanks for your post. It's not about the guaranteed delivery, the driver simply didn't want to leave his truck in the heat and hump 4 boxes to my apartment.

I was told by my regular driver that the UPS driver that day is a runner and he causes a lot of problems for UPS when he's on the road. Needless to say, i'll be using Fed Ex who i've found in the 20+ years of having a business are much more professional than UPS in many aspects.

Thanks for your comment.


You shouldn't have shipped it UPS ground....UPS ground doesn't have guaranteed delivery its between 1-5 business days.


@yep ur a dolt, i'm not always in my office that's why. Are you another loser from UPS that trolls the internet?

I think you are.

Don't worry about me, worry about your job that you'll be losing soon.


look if the order was so important, why didn't you have it sent to your office in the 1st place? did you expect ups to just drop it in front of the door at your apartment?

or you could have mommy take a break from shopping for your underoos and actually wait for it.

obviously personal responsibility isn't your strong suit, but really, you're the one that comes off looking incompetent, not ups.

i weep for the future of america with generations of tools such as yourself. good luck, sweetie

to yep ur a dolt #1054196

so it is his fault the package did not com ON TIME ? really ?


Shut up, you loser.

This was an important order that was supposed to be here on friday, do you understand that?

You must work for that *** company to be posting this.

Step away from the bar, you've had too many today. Go look for a man to do a job on you.


you sound like a whiney little girl. why the crybaby act, sweetie?

your package was delivered on Monday, one business day after it was supposed to arrive, because YOU weren't available, and apparently neither was your mommy.

please, grow a pair or stay off your mom's computer until you can learn to be a man.

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