I ordered a coffee table and an end table from Home Decorators Collection --which, I have used in the past, but these tables were very cheap looking, so I chose to return them. Note, I paid about $75 in shipping to get the tables to me -- via UPS, and, they require UPS for return shipments.

I used UPS via online -- for the first time, and had a lot of trouble using their site -- and, the boxes each had a total weight on them, and that is the weight I used for shipping. So, far, I have paid online for the shipments (around $200 total) and UPS has also sent me a separate invoice for $40 -- AND,now gone ahead and charged my credit card an additional $313 --so, I have now spent more than $500 to return less than $500 of table to Home Decorators. I do not know why UPS seems to think it costs 5X the amount to send back the same boxes that were initially shipped to me, but they do. I am working to fight these charges, but they seem to be adamant that these are valid.

I would suggest that NO-ONE use UPS for any shipping unless you want to be robbed.

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If you wanted to return the tables why didn't you call the Home Decorators Collection and tell them thats what you wanted to do. Then HDC would have contacted UPS, which in then a "call tag" would have been processed. UPS then would have showed up at your door ready to pick up your package.

Don't blame UPS.

Blame yourself....


why don't you just go to a store for your china-made ***.. Believe me anything that's heavy gets our special treatment...boom boom out go the lights!!!!

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