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I ordered something online and it was being shipped UPS and according to the tracking information as of this morning (Feb. 9th) it was out for delivery on a truck.

Later when I checked the status it stated that a "First Attempt" was made at approximately 10:45am, my office is open from 8am - 5pm. I called the receptionist and was told that he came in waited maybe 2 seconds for someone to come sign for it, and then stormed out. I have witnesses this be-rating behavior from this particular driver before.

He not only has an attitude but he represents his company completely unprofessionally. When I contacted UPS about this driver (his name is Andy, works in the Elm Grove, WI facility), all they did was apologize and I was told he has been talked to about his behavior before, but HE SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!!!

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slap the receptionist for not signing for it..

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